Unfortunately, it is impossible to show a vast majority of the results of my work. For instance, there is no way to demonstrate a sufficient improvement in the health well being of my patients. Nevertheless, I'm proud to share below some of the visible results of my practice.

Treatment of chronic spasticity and stuttering due to cerebral palsy, as a result of postpartum injury

Prior the beginning of treatment and post 15th and 38th session


Treatment of chronic, DVT-caused and non-healing for 3 years trophic wound


Treatment of lower back pain (LBP)

Before the treatment

Immediately after the treatment

Treatment of a wheelchair-bound for 7 months, after L1 vertebra fracture

Post 1st ICBA 1h-session, 30.11.16

Post 5th ICBA 1h-session, 11.12.16


Treatment of Atopic Dermatitis


Treatment of Tendinitis of right pinky

Treatment of Bell's Palsy caused mouth deviation, due to CVA

Treatment of acute Furunculosis

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